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January 31, 2012
by Felicia

House Painting Ideas

For many people, choosing a paint color is the single biggest obstacle keeping them from beginning a house painting project. Should the interior walls all be one color? Should the ceilings be painted a different color? Even a bold color? Should there be accent walls? Should you use different painting effects on the walls?

You might consider painting the walls different colors which tie together in some way. The colors might all have the same value (intensity of color) or they may all be in the same family (a range of one color). These ideas can be very effective when used in either subtle or bold ways.

There are no rules for painting your house; it’s all up to individual preference. But remember, the effect you get needs to work in changing light conditions. Light coming into a room can drastically influence paint colors. It would be worthwhile to have your painter apply a sample of paint to a wall and then watch it for a day as light conditions change. How does it look at night versus during the day? In sunny conditions and dim ones? It makes sense to spend a little time considering the paint you’ll be living with for a long time.

Stenciling and other creative effects are another way to add interest to your walls. We’ll work with you to find creative ways to use these unique effects to your home’s best advantage.  After all, we’re only satisfied with the job when you are!

January 25, 2012
by Felicia

How to Paint Different Surfaces

Good painting skills come from experience, lots of it. Most people don’t paint often enough to know the little tricks of the trade that make for a professional job. Various materials and different approaches are needed for different surfaces in houses. Parts of a house which are exposed to moisture, such as a bathroom or a kitchen have their own set of requirements.

Wood Surfaces

A wood surface frequently need to be repainted since it wears out quickly. And it needs to be painted using a product that will preserve its durability. Before putting the paint on, the wood surface needs to be inspected for defects. Cracks can usually be filled in but very old wood in poor condition might need to be replaced entirely before painting. The surface may need sanding. Surface preparation is a key factor in determining how the surface will hold the paint in all types of western Montana weather.

Wall Surfaces

Most houses have walls that are either lath/plaster or wallboard. Before painting, the walls should be cleaned and cracks should be repaired with a fiberglass or plaster filler. Elastomeric is a new rubberized painting material that works well for cracks and has the advantage that it requires no sanding.

The Trim

For painting doors, trim, cabinets and window frames, first check to make sure the surfaces are clean and free of cracks or irregularities before painting. Oftentimes trim is painted with a higher gloss paint than that used for the walls. A higher gloss finish has a better tolerance for cleaning over time.

January 3, 2012
by noah

Visualize Alternate House Paint Color Using Free Software Online

Consensus among home owners and house remodelers is that color choice is the most challenging part of the job. Getting the colors right is time consuming and can be stressful. If you plan to use a color scheme or to mix-and-match room by room, it helps to visualize the final results. As the marketing slogan goes: There’s an app for that!

Whether you are a professional house painter, interior decorator, or a home owner who wants to choose the right paint colors the first time around, there are free house painting visualizers online for you to use. The ability to visualize your room painted in different colors and combinations will take a lot of time and guess work out of the house paint selection process!

How To Use This Software:

There are a number of free online software solutions for this job. One is the Sherwin-Williams’ online house paint Visualizer. This house painting color selection software package permits free registered users to upload images of their spaces to be painted and choose from a large color palate to rapidly replace specified colors in the image of your photographed spaces.

In addition to allowing you to visualize various color alternatives easily, you can estimate your paint budget. Most free paint choice software packages will approximate the size of surfaces to be painted and multiply that by a factor for the cost of the paint itself at the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for number of coats to be applied.

January 2, 2012
by noah

Keys to Professional House Painting in Missoula

Home painting requires lots of time, commitment and a money; fundamentally though, it demands paint! For house painting, paint is the key because there are so many paints available today. This is a challenging step of the Missoula house painting process, but there are tools available! Our staff of professional painters is very skilled at suggesting paint colors for spaces and identifying characteristics of each paint that can be helpful to clients when selecting house paints.

Different paint manufacturers and types of paint abound and that’s a good thing for house painters and home owners! Having a skilled painter available to discuss benefits and problems with each type of paint is invaluable and will save you time in the house paint choosing process as well as money getting the paint right.

Preparing the Surfaces to be Painted

Normally, a home owner who wants new paint will begin the process with selecting their paints, the first step really is fixing imperfections in the wall, ceiling, or other surfaces to be painted. Skipping over the preparation step and painting will lead to eye sores in your finished product. Imperfections like holes and cracks on walls can be easily repaired early in the process at low cost. Our house painters prefer to fill these problem spots with putty then finish by covering these spots with fiberglass or plaster.

When painting a house with wood surfaces, it is important to have damaged wood replaced before painting. Wood is very sensitive to natural factors such as temperature and humidity and must be fixed properly to ensure a beautiful painted surface for the long term.

House Paints should be Selected for Paint Durability

Having a professional to consult about choosing house paint is vital to the home painting process. Each kind of surface material to be painted must be considered for the unique properties. Wood walls must be painted with different house paint than cement basement walls in your home.

Varnish is considered the ideal paint for woodwork because it has a glossy look and protects wood from damage by creating a thick durable buffer of material. Moisture will not penetrate the wood once it is properly sealed with coats of varnish. Selecting the correct varnish will account for factors such as how much use the surface will experience in the lifetime of the house. Spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and stairway banisters require significantly more durable varnish than house elements such as mantle places and ceiling trim.

Latex paint is very common for painting house walls and ceilings because of it’s competitive price. Painters tend to use this water based paint for house surfaces that experience the least amount of use. This paint is cheaper and less durable but works well in specific parts of the house.

Oil based paints are also very popular. While they are more expensive overall, they tend to last longer and require less upkeep. For house painting, oil-based paints have more gloss options and tend to suit many home owners.

For most people, the best option is to choose a local house painter that you can trust. Contact Classic Painting of Missoula for a free professional painting consultation!

January 2, 2012
by admin

Missoula Living Room Painting Testimonial

I hired Scott to repair and paint the living room ceiling in my 1920s era university area home in Missoula, Montana. A leaky upstairs bathroom had ruined a section of the plaster of the living room ceiling. Scott was able to expertly repair the plaster and he removed many other imperfections in the ceiling.

I was impressed with Scott’s dedication and hard work. At the start of the project, he did a good job describing our options along with the pros and cons for each. He meticulously matched the paint we previously used in our living room so the repaired and repainted ceiling blends perfectly with the rest of the house.

I enthusiastically recommend Scott at Classic Painting of Missoula for all residential home paint work. His work ethic, product knowledge, fair pricing and quality paint work make for a job done well and on time.

Felicia Saunders
Missoula, Montana

January 2, 2012
by admin

Missoula House Painter Testimonial

My wife and I had our Missoula home remodeled from top to bottom. Scott Gorski was our painting contractor and was a pleasure to work with. He painted the interior of our Missoula home with care, professionalism and great detail. Scott was hard at work painting our home early in the morning every day including on the weekends. He was consistently the first contractor on the job and the last contractor to leave. I cannot recommend his house painting services enough.

If you have a home in Missoula and you are looking for a high quality interior house painter, Scott Gorski is your man.

Gabriel Silverman
Missoula, Montana